Puebla is considered the reliquary of America, Its capital, the city of Puebla is a colonial city with almost 500 yeas of founded.

The Puebla State has 250 municipalities where you can find marvelous travel opportunities,  from natural wonders to adventure excursions passing through many (really many) cultural spots.


Puebla Turista is the english version of Turista Puebla, the travel guide to visit the state of Puebla, Mexico.


Once Hidden in Plain Sight and Surprisingly Ignored: The Great Pyramid of Cholula — Era of Light

Mesoamerica is home to a number of pyramids. Some of these pyramids are quite well-known, whilst others are much more obscure. Despite being recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest pyramid in the world, one of the less familiar pyramids is the Great Pyramid of Cholula. It should be mentioned via Once Hidden …

Puebla – another UNESCO heritage city — Miriam and Sue’s travels

We arrived in Puebla yesterday but have had a tough time finding WiFi good enough for photos. We love it here and are spending our time gazing at beautiful (but sometimes rather decrepit) buildings and visiting monuments which are shut. But some street scenes to be going on with … via Puebla – another UNESCO heritage …