Puebla — Taking Our Time

Mar 13 – If you recall, we started this trip by flying down to Mexico City, then took a short flight all the way south to Huatulco, and have been working our way back north by bus. To break up the last long stretch from Oaxaca back to Mexico City, Jim added one more stop […]

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Puebla — Mundosobrerodas

Puebla was founded in 1531 and lays at the foot of the Volcan Popocatepetl. Most of the historic downtown still retains much Spanish colonial architecture: facades covered in detailed mosaics, buildings with inner patios, and combinations of bricks, tiles, and artistic designs in white mortar. Puebla is one of those towns that you could spend […]

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PUEBLA — DANNAs Travel Blog

Puebla is a unique city and state in México with it is known that it has a rich cultural heritage and interesting history. Although it was often an ignored destination, this city is now said to be the fourth largest in México, and has many interesting tourist spots. To help you get an idea of […]

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Puebla — Me & Him

Leaving Mexico City behind, we journeyed south toward Puebla, Mexico’s City of Angels. On the way, we drove along mountainous roads and were able to see the star-crossed volcanos of Popocatépetl (Smoking Mountain in the Nauhuatl language) and Iztaccihuatl. Our guide told us that usually there is too much haze or smog to make them […]

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Puebla & Cholula — Chasing Krista

Puebla City is the largest and the capital city of the state of Puebla. In 1531, in a small area known as Cuetlaxcoapan (which means where the serpents change their skin), the town of Puebla City was born. Understandably so, because when you enter Puebla it is like walking through a rainbow; every building and street are decorated with bold and vibrant colors. The state itself is famous for mole poblano (a spicy chocolate sauce), and the beautiful and detailed Talavera pottery.

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